Why Do We Fall For Washington’s Lies? By Walter Williams

Why are so many Americans taken in by Washington’s lies? I think there are several likely answers. Man is tempted by what looks like a free lunch. He is also tempted by government’s promise to permit him to live at the expense of someone else. Some people are totally ignorant of the effects of government programs on the socioeconomic fabric of our country. There are many Americans who do understand the problem but what do they care? The primary beneficiaries of massive government spending are senior citizens. When the economic calamity arrives, they and the politicians who created all of the spending programs will be dead. Any politician who endeavors to eliminate the massive spending programs, in an effort to forestall the calamity, will be run out of office by the program’s beneficiaries. That means the status quo rules.

People might ask: What can be done to preserve American exceptionalism and greatness? My answer to such a question is a question: How do Americans systematically differ from citizens of past great nations who supported political actions that ultimately drove their nations into the ground?

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