WAP is in but Dr. Suess is out

We are now living in a world where Dr. Suess, Mr. Potato Head and Pepe Le Pew are offending people left and right. The loony lefties claim these characters are a detriment to society and we must remove them from our homes and out of the hands of children while at the same time they praise Cardi B as someone to admire and look up to.

Cardi B performed her song ‘WAP’ at the Grammy’s on Sunday night and it was as vile and disgusting as you would imagine it to be. The lyrics alone are not what anyone would deem appropriate for network television and the spectacle that accompanied the song was flat out pornographic. What’s even more disgusting is there are people, mainly on the left, who label Cardi B as a role model and a trail blazer.

How have we fallen into a society where Cardi B is cheered and praised but classic children’s books and toys are criticized? This is yet another example of the evil agenda of the left and we must take a stand against it.

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