Race and Climate Change: Tools to Implement Marxism

America is not a systemically racist nation. This assertion is a lie and fabrication. The claim of American “systemic racism” is a devious mantra and battle cry for the left and is an exploitative means to an end. The phrase “systemic racism” was invented to depict America, our Constitution and constitutional republic, our founding principles, and our free enterprise capitalist system as racist and therefore evil.   It is to promote the lie that our nation was founded by racist whites and upon racist principles and therefore an evil product and creation that must be destroyed and replaced.

The current cry of “systemic racism” in America is not about race at all, it’s about gaining power. The Left seeks to replace our American system of government and principles and economic system with Marxism, or totalitarianism, or Socialism, or fascism, or Statism, or whatever you wish to call it.  But the end is all the same, it is centralized power in the hands of a few Leftist politicians, power brokers, and oligarchs to rule and reign over our lives and economy.

Likewise climate change, or catastrophic global warming, is being used by the Left in the same way and for the same reason. We are being told that the planet is going to become uninhabitable, that life on earth will not be sustainable because natural disasters and conditions will increase until we are annihilated.   And all this carnage, according to the Left, is because of human behavior and the use of fossil fuels. And predictably the answer preached by the Left in order to avoid the impending doom is that we must yield our freedom and liberty, private property rights, our free market economic system, and Republican form of government to the Leftist masterminds and oligarchs.  They will then by their wisdom and omnipotence save the day and our existence.  Our planetary and societal salvation, we are told by Leftists, can only come if we surrender to an all-powerful Government.

Green is now the new red. Climate change has become a sick Cult of evil being used by modern Marxists to gain control. No one denies that the climate changes and that mankind has some effect. In this there is consensus. But plenty of science and scientists and experts repudiate the idea that we can control the climate and that absolute catastrophic global warming is going to occur. The entire global movement of climate change is well-funded and subsidized by the powerful and power-whores in order to impose their will and governance over us and essentially the world.

Sadly some Republicans fall for the lies of the climate cult, while others simply concede so as to appear as woke. And far too many are ignorantly unaware of the Marxist tactics and threat which is about to devour our Republic if we don’t wake up and fight back.

Unless we the people rise and resist and refuse to yield, and unless we organize and impose our will upon the Leftist politicians and corporate and big Tech oligarchs, then say goodbye to America and say hello to the United Socialist States of Amerika.  

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