30 Obama Leadership Principles

The holy Obama has been spewing his pabulum lately, no doubt in reaction to #OBAMAGATE.  In his honor here are 30 ESSENTIAL OBAMA LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES: I am smarter than everyone else. Draw red lines with disappearing ink. Lie, often and consistently. Always act surprised with scandals, lawlessness, corruption, assassinations, and invasions. Declare with conviction you’ll … Continue reading 30 Obama Leadership Principles

It’s Time To Be Americans

The Declaration of Independence declares the principles upon which our identity as Americans is based. Thomas Jefferson succinctly expressed that the purpose and role of government is to “secure” our unalienable rights. A few months earlier in 1776 Thomas Paine wrote in his revolutionary classic Common Sense: “the design and end of Government, viz, freedom … Continue reading It’s Time To Be Americans