On September 1, 2022 Biden spoke to the nation and called me, my family, friends, and millions of Americans, extremists and a threat to America. He said we are “destroying American Democracy” and threatening the “very foundations of our republic.”  Previously he had called us fascists.  Essentially Biden has labeled us the enemy.  It is despicable and vile.  By calling us threats, Biden openly made himself a threat to all of us. 

 As a proud American citizen with the unalienable right of free speech, it would be cowardly not to address the tyrannical and despicable assertions made by Biden.  When Biden spoke in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, he stood as a tyrant and a bully and defamed me and half the country.  He essentially declared war on me and half the country.  It was language Biden doesn’t use toward Putin, the Ayatollahs, or his communist buddy Xi.  What little respect I’ve mustered for Biden as President is now annihilated. Biden does not deserve any honor or deference from me or anyone else he has verbally attacked and called subversive.

Let’s not be naive, Biden used those words purposely.  They were used precisely to dehumanize and denigrate individuals and to justify their cancellation and elimination. It was to give cover for whatever actions he and his administration seek to do. Such language justified our 10 year global war on terror and involvement in other conflicts.

Biden stained that holy place where the Declaration of Independence was signed and the Constitution constructed. He stood at the podium looking and sounding like a tyrant and dictator. Biden is the antithesis of the principles written in those documents. Biden is a blot upon the presidency and upon this Nation and he has betrayed his oath of office by his actions and words. What kind of fool proclaims war on its citizens while at the same time asking for unity?

And Biden imitated the Father of lies with lie after lie after lie. His characterizations of me and my family, and millions of other Americans, has no basis in reality. It was all disgusting lies.  Those of us he defines as MAGA Republicans are in fact the disciples of and followers of Washington, Madison, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Franklin.  We uphold the principles of the Declaration of Independence, we believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we uphold the Constitution of the United States and believe in limited government.  We sustain the separation of powers and federalism. We uphold the right of free speech, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms, freedom of the press, and the right to assemble. We defend liberty and therefore free markets and free enterprise.  We seek to maintain the American way of life and traditional American values.

When Biden claims that he and the Left are upholders of the Constitution and of American ideals and the Declaration of independence he is spewing falsehood. Big government authoritarianism is wholly incompatible with our American principles and documents. Biden and the Democrats are totalitarians and their ideology has no connection to our founding principles, the Declaration of Independence or Constitution.

But Lies coming from Biden and the Left is not surprising considering they are coming from a person and a party that proclaims a man can be a woman and a woman can be a man and a man can have a baby.

Yes Biden is an old man with a deteriorating brain but it is a mistake to let him off the hook and make an excuse for him. He knows what is going on and he’s fully cognizant of the radical totalitarian agenda. Biden is fully aware and willfully leading the effort to implement an authoritarian police state.

American constitutionalists and patriots chose Trump, he did not choose them. And we did so enthusiastically because Trump supports the principles and values of America and fights for them. And we support any leader or politician who supports American principles and fights for them. If they don’t we reject them.

The truth is all those who reject Biden and his authoritarian vision and effort are deemed the enemy.  He lies and twists reality to deceive and justify his vitriol, but it’s really that simple. Disagree with Biden, the Left, and the Marxists and you are classified a fascist, extremist and worthy of elimination.  Anyone who believes in the sanctity of life and the rights of the unborn baby in the womb, and rejects abortion on demand at any time in a pregnancy, According to Biden and the Left you are an extremist. If you reject the moral degradation overwhelming our culture, then you are now a threat to America.  According to Biden and the Marxist Left, differences of opinion are not tolerable anymore.

All of this should not happen in America, but when a President and a Party are united to foreign totalitarian idea’s and practices, and total power is the aim, this is what we sadly and dangerously get.  In fact Biden is bragging about his hate and intentions almost every day as well as many in his Party. But at least it’s clearly now in the open. We are in an open cold Civil War.   If you don’t see it, take the blinders off and wake up before it’s too late.  Biden and the Left are out to destroy their enemies and control every aspect of American life.  The sooner we understand and get on the right side of things the sooner we can defeat it.

Contrary to their rhetoric, Biden and the Left are not interested in Americanism and traditional American values, government, liberties, sovereignty, and citizenship.  They have international and global intentions.  They are aligned with global Elites who want to control the world and that includes America.  They wish to subordinate us and America to some ridiculous and evil world government order. Why all the subordinating and capitulating alliances with International entities and Global interests? Why the effort to eradicate our borders? What do you think the global climate agenda is all about? The relentless and vile effort to eliminate Trump and us is because we stand in their way.  We love America and seek to maintain our sovereignty and preeminence in the world, but Biden and the Left stand with globalist aspirations and international aims.

Mussolini, the original fascist, said: “The mass will simply follow and submit.”  Essentially this is what Biden said in his speech at Independence Hall in Philadelphia and continues to say to this day.  And many in the Democratic Party declare the same trash.  They mean it and we should be wise enough to acknowledge it.  But we should be even wiser and act and fight back.  We must get out and vote and take others with us, and defeat every Democrat and Leftist, and begin the reclaiming of America and securing of our liberty.  These are serious times for our freedom and nation.  Biden and the Left are playing for keeps, are we?  Remember; remember, according to Biden, you are a fascist, an extremist, a clear and present danger to America, a threat to our Republic.  If this doesn’t engage you, along with inflation and recession, nothing will.

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