The Democrats Don’t Care About You

Have you figured it out yet that the Democrats don’t care about you? In fact, they despise you and will literally run over you if it means advancing their agenda. They will never let a tragedy or calamity pass by without twisting it and using it to their advantage.

The Covid-19 pandemic was awful and sadly we’re still dealing with many of the effects. Unfortunately this pandemic was made ten times worse by government lockdowns, shutdowns and mandates. As soon as Democrats realized they could use the pandemic as a political weapon they jumped all over it. Lockdowns were used to destroy Trump’s economy and remember the death counts that would roll at the bottom of local and national news stations? Not surprisingly as soon as Trump was out of office the death counts went away and even some of the most liberal governors (Chicago, Detroit) said it was time for the lockdowns to end. Convenient timing, isn’t it? The Democrats didn’t think twice about ruining small businesses, putting people out of work, keeping kids home from school and destroying lives as long as it meant they could use it to their advantage.

Over the past two weeks we’ve seen two tragedies occur in our country; first with the shooting in Atlanta and now a shooting in Colorado. Do you ever hear the Democrats talk about the victims or their families? Do you ever hear the Democrats show any kind of sympathy to what these families are going through? Instead the Dems are like moths to a flame and swarm all over an opportunity to push their agenda. The Dems (and the media) are pushing the narrative the Atlanta shooting was race-based even though there is absolutely no evidence pointing that way, and the FBI has even said otherwise. Leave it to the Democrats to never miss an opportunity to talk about hating America.

It took less than a day for the Democrats to turn the Colorado shooting into a gun control issue. It’s the same story and narrative we’ve heard from them over and over again. As with the Atlanta shooting, they don’t wait for the facts to arise, they just spew their narrative as soon as they can.

The Democrats don’t care about America or the American citizens. They treat illegal aliens better than you or I because illegal aliens benefit their party. Are you getting it yet? The Democrats will use any opportunity and by any means necessary to advance their policies and their agenda. They don’t care who it hurts as long as it gains them more power. They are a sick, evil party and they are destroying America.

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