Excuses, Justifications, and Rationalizations

This is what we get when personality takes precedence to principle and promises.

Trump embraces Nancy and Chuck, two of the worst swamp hogs in Washington and who are hard-core Leftists, yet he is defended and given a pass by those who embrace his motto: “Drain the Swamp.” Go figure.

“Now that it’s clear Trump has no qualms about standing with Pelosi and Schumer,…conservatives aren’t wrong to worry about Barack Obama’s third term, as administered by Donald Trump.” (Ben Shapiro)

Straight from our Facebook page, all the excuses, justifications, and rationalizations for Trump’s pivot to the Left:

I am tired of this junk, Trump has no choice his own party won’t support him, you know the guy the American people voted in.

our President Trump is doing a great job its the freaking snowflaxes libs that wont let him do anything


The Art of the Deal!

I think your rudeness is out of place maybe you should give Trump a little time to see how this goes. I understand what he’s doing and soda most other people

The sellout RINO’s won’t get anything done. They’re obstructionists just like the Dems. Trump went around em…art of the deal.

We voted republican because we wanted repeal, tax reform and wall funding on the president’s desk. PAul Rhino and Meek McConnell are so bad as leaders they can’t put anything on his desk to sign. Trump is a winner and doesn’t like to deal with Rhino losers.

Trump made the deal to wake up the Rinos. Get your job done or get the hell out of the way

I have a question for everyone looking for another reason to bash out President. How do you fools expect him to get the money to rebuild the damaged areas. Would you liked it better if he’d said they were on thier own. This down hill trend of borrowing against tomorrow was started along time ago. He’s trying to repair our economy and government spending. But it’s not going to happen overnight. Quit crying.

He is teaching them how deals work. If you continue to bash our President I’m done.

Well when your own party works against you, you have to do something!

You all talk like our Republican Congress is readily working to advance the American peoples MAGA agenda.
They can’t even tie their shoes without the dimms showing them how!
The President is actively working on the peoples agenda! He’s showing both parties he’s going to fulfill his promises.
If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.
O’ye of little faith!

Voted Trump in to move things forward. Bipartisan action is one way.

Certainly there is a logical reason maybe we should know what its about before making unfounded accusations?

If the republican congress was working and for President Trumps agenda he would not have had to cross the isle but since they are being little bitches can not pass repeal replace have done nothing on 8 months and still took a vacation. First thing past in congress and it was the dems that worked with the president what the hell

Trump is smart. The Republicans that won’t stand with him got a rude awakening. He will not be backed in a corner.

We voted for Trump to make America Great Again!! The Republican ” RINOS ” have fought him on his agenda! He will continue to do what it takes to get the job done!

You talk like Trump is some kind of fool. Wait till they find out they’ve been had.

Great tactic !

Those RINOS are obstructing as much as the democrats! Trump has an agenda and will use who ever to attain it!

If the Rhinos, Mcain, McConnell and Ryan would do their job he would not have to work with democrats

Trump is smarter than the idiots that are in Congress on either side

He has his reasons and motives. There is something he has in the back of his mind. He never takes a step without knowing what the next two will be. I trust his judgement

We the people are in charge and we the people voted for and elected President Donald J Trump to be Our leader. So keep on fucking with us see what you get

Don’t think for one minute he doesn’t know what he is doing, cause he does.

President Trump is only concerned with getting this thru for the American People! 

They are all there to serve. As long as he gets what he needs it’s fine. His party has done nothing to support him either. He knows what he is doing

if it is true I don’t have any trouble believing it because Republicans have stabbed Trump in the back left and right and they deserve to be slapped back if they don’t like it they better start working with him.


If Republicans don’t want to support his agenda that is what they deserve. Trump is not a politician he is a businessman and will go to with the best bidder. May be that will teach RINO S a lesson.

I agree it’s awful however it wouldn’t be necessary if the republicans would actually do their jobs and govern. This is Ryan and McConnell’s failure.

I don’t think Trump is seceding to the Democrats. Just wait and see what happens. I like to see Paul Ryan screeching like a banshee. If the Republicans wouldn’t support Trump, maybe they would prefer to support Schumer?????

ull Sh….!! Trump is smart like a fox!!

I believe he’s giving the Dems a way to look and feel good for a moment. To motivate them to get things done. Idk.

He knows what he’s doing g…just be patient you will see

Support America’s president or get out!
TRUMP 2020

You guys are nuts, Republicans are not helping Trump, he’s just trying to help people





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