A Republican President and Congress and the Leftist Agenda Rolls Along

Those of you who think that Trump just outwitted and rebuked McConnell and Ryan are sorely mistaken. McConnell and Ryan are thrilled, this is their comfort zone.  All the Leftist policies they secretly support and pretend to despise can now be passed without their fingerprints. They have been given plausible deniability for not passing Trumps agenda or supporting a conservative agenda.

Trump can boast that he stood up to Ryan and McConnell and showed them a thing or two about governing and cutting deals. Trump can also say he was forced by McConnell and Ryan into the arms of Schumer and Pelosi because they wouldn’t work with him. Thus Trump is also given plausible deniability. He will claim he had no choice and that it’s everybody else’s fault.

As to Schumer and Pelosi, it’s like manna from heaven. They know they are dealing with imbeciles. They can continue to ridicule and despise and even seek the demise of Trump and the Republican Party because they know the dysfunctional relationship of Trump, McConnell and Ryan, and the Republican Party will drive them to the safety of being their lap dog.

McConnell and Ryan can blame Trump, and Trump can blame McConnell and Ryan, and the Democrats can whine and ridicule them all, but in the end they all more or less get what they want.  The Leftist agenda is therefore sustained and we the American people continue to get screwed.  The swamp wins again.

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