Protests will come to suburbia

Last year was the summer of riots and we’re already seeing the unrest ramp up again. If you think the protests won’t affect you because you don’t live in a big city, think again. I live in a suburb of a smaller city in my state. It is a beautiful, quiet neighborhood with wonderful people all around. Last summer Black Lives Matter planned what they called a “dance party” in our sleepy little suburb and all hell broke loose.

The group was there to protest a police shooting that had occurred a year before. Police had shot and killed a man because he (surprise, surprise) resisted arrest. Black Lives Matter gathered at our neighborhood park and then proceeded to march through our streets. They were in the middle of the road, blocking traffic and yelling “F U” to any resident who asked them to respect the homes and the people living there. When the police arrived to ask the group to move onto the sidewalk the “peaceful protest” turned into chaos. The group refused the cop’s orders and started throwing objects at the police. Pandemonium ensued and a handful of the protestors were arrested.

This happened at the bottom of my street, on a Sunday evening, in my typically quiet neighborhood. I was scared and my kids were scared. The protestors that claimed they were having a “dance party” were carrying weapons as they walked the streets, passing by families and children. They were there to cause trouble and to protest our police department.

We’re seeing this happen more and more across our beautiful country. And the more our grotesque politicians defund and degrade our police officers the less safe we will be. If the police are taken away who will be there to protect us from the lunatics? Our quiet neighborhoods will turn into chaos and anarchy. We must take a stand and speak loudly in support of our police officers. They are here to serve and protect and we must give them the respect and praise they deserve. Back the Blue!

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