Little gods

We live in a nation of 320 million citizens.  It is absolutely ridiculous to think that one person, or several hundred persons, can possibly know what is best for all of us and how we should live and what decisions we should make and what products we must buy.

It must take an enormous ego, a super ego, for a person to think he or she knows what is best for 320 million people. It’s a God complex.

Perhaps what is more perplexing is that people actually surrender their own independence and agency to such egomaniacs. Do they not have any self-dignity or self-respect? Do they not have any personal pride?

Are all politicians little gods who want to run our lives? No, not all, but experience and history tells us that most people who have gained authority and power will exercise dominion over others.

Politicians are not elected to be little gods who stand on the mount and speak forth with the sound of thunder telling us all what to do. They are mere mortals with ambition and failures who have been given a commission to be our agents and representatives only, to act on our behalf and only within the limits of the constitution.  More of us and liberty and less of them.

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