Of the Politicians, By the Politicians, For the Politicians

“We do it for the people.” This is the common trite phrase spewed by politicians and it is a load of rubbish.  I don’t buy it for a second. Most politicians primarily operate for themselves. Their policies and regulations and laws are intended to provide them and their friends with wealth, power, and fame. It is raw selfishness and narcissism.  Most benefits to us are crumbs from the table or a buy-off for our subservience and silence.

 Somehow we ignore the fact that politicians and bureaucrats are flesh and blood human beings with flaws and ambition and prejudices.  We have become pathetically complacent and passive and have allowed ourselves to become playthings and social experiments. When these people are elected or nominated or appointed they are not instantly and miraculously anointed divine beings with greater knowledge and judgment than the rest of us.

The truth is we exist and work for the Elite, the well connected, and the bloated Federal government and bureaucracies.   Every aspect of our lives has been infiltrated and is managed in one way or another by them. They manipulate us with regulations and the tax code.  They take more and more of our money and property and spend it on things they deem worthy. And if we want to keep our own hard earned money and spend it on what we deem best they call it greed. Or even more ludicrous, they say that if we want to keep our money we are actually taking the governments money. They dictate which businesses are essential and which are not.  They mandate we must wear a mask, stand 6 feet apart, and take an unproven so-called vaccine. They declare they are the ones that determine misinformation or falsehood or what is settled science and what is not. They impose social engineering by dictate and intentionally race-hustle and stoke class warfare and division. They want hate and contention because such social commotion can be exploited by them in such a way as to present themselves as saviors with all the answers and cash. They unite with big tech oligarchs and companies to limit, manipulate, and censor speech and to promote their agenda and views. And they conspire to affect elections. And the FBI, DOJ, and CIA, which must be unbiased, have become their intimidation and enforcement entities. And they too help manipulate elections.

Abraham Lincoln’s phrase, a “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” is a fond American ideal but is no longer true.  It is now more accurate to say we have a government of the politicians, by the politicians, for the politicians. 

Here in America politicians and bureaucrats were never intended to become our masters and overlords.  We have surrendered ourselves and our property and continue to foolishly shower them with inordinate adoration.

As Thomas Sowell perfectly expressed it:  “It doesn’t matter what rights you have under the Constitution of the United States, if the government can punish you for exercising those rights. And it doesn’t matter what limits the Constitution puts on government officials’ power, if they can exceed those limits without any adverse consequences. In other words, the Constitution cannot protect you, if you don’t protect the Constitution with your votes against anyone who violates it. Those government officials who want more power are not going to stop unless they get stopped.”

The Constitution is our sacred banner and was created with divine wisdom.  Its purpose is to protect us from the exact government we have now.  We must reclaim and insist on the Constitution with its protections and principles.

We must regain our self-respect and individuality and throw off the shackles of government imposed collectivism. Silence is unacceptable.  Knowledge, truth, morality, ethics, civility, and tradition are mandatory.  We must apply pressure, expose the government and bureaucratic corruption, and clearly detail their narcissistic motives.  We must shame them and force them to hear.  And our efforts must be relentless, fearless and unending.  We have only one choice, victory.

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