LGBTQism: America’s New National Religion

The definition of religion usually carries with it the idea of faith in and the worship of a supernatural being. But religion in a general sense is “a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.” And so by this general definition the LGBTQ movement is a religion.

And it is obvious to those who wish to see, the LGBTQ movement, or LGBTQism, or the Alphabet Church, is now the official religion of the United States of America. Through legislation and fiat on the national and State level, the Alphabet Church has rapidly become by law the sanctioned and privileged national religion.

The Alphabet Church is praised in the halls of Congress and State houses. It’s promoted and praised at Children’s theme parks, in corporate board rooms, at universities and colleges, in professional sports, in music, on social media sites, and on so-called family friendly television shows and movies. The Alphabet Church has its own flag which waves in front of federal and state buildings and at US embassies worldwide. This new national religion has a month-long celebration while at the same time other national holidays are trashed and ridiculed and ignored.

The Alphabet Church actively proselytes and seeks converts in the very young and teenagers. Drag queens now perform in front of little children and minors. Butt plugs and dildos and the discussion of queer sex is given to high schoolers.

And the core philosophy of the Alphabet Church is simple, anything goes and whatever a person thinks or believes or wants to do is okay and is the truth because it is their truth.

 Yes the first Amendment in the Bill of Rights declares that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”  But the LGBTQ movement is not viewed as a religion and never will be. In fact LGBTQism is seen as superior to religion.  A cunning play indeed to skirt the constitutional protections.

And because the Alphabet Church is the new national religion, and therefore the political preeminent religion, all those in that community are seen as a privileged and special class.  They can almost do anything they wish, which usually garners praise and justification and little criticism.

Freedom and religion in America has always meant that everyone can believe and worship how, where, and what they may, or choose not to believe in anything at all. Not anymore. LGBTQism accepts religion and belief only insofar it agrees with and supports its ideology. 

The intentions of the national Alphabet Church are a clear threat to every religion, church, and individual. It does not believe in freedom of religion, rather it demands subjugation to its ideology. LGBQism seeks to rule all religions, culture, and society.  

We can ignore the intentions of the Alphabet Church and be passively accepting or willfully blind, or we can fight back. If we don’t fight back, the Alphabet Church will dominate and dictate religious worship and practice, and America as a free nation will end.

This is not hyperbole. LBGTQism is not tolerant or inclusive, just listen and watch. The Alphabet Church will go as far as we allow it to go. It will not restrict or limit itself or reach.

Sadly, the charity and tolerance of religions and churches has been used against them by the Alphabet Church. But in many cases religions have simply been derelict and asleep. In an effort to be tolerant and accommodating, religions have allowed the Alphabet Church to rise to power and gain a position of domination and control. 

And of note, the sad irony is that traditional religions, Christian and otherwise, have embraced the very movement and ideology that intends to censor, control, or eliminate them.

Of course these sentiments will be called violence, and I will be judged and condemned as a homophobe, bigot, and hater.  But it is fully expected because tolerance is a one way street when it comes to the Alphabet Church. Everyone is expected to tolerate and accept LGBTQism but the Alphabet Church is immune from tolerating anyone else.  This is a central tenet of the official national Alphabet Church.  Everyone is expected to yield and comply or risk being castigated or cancelled, even by force by the federal government if necessary.

This is the condition we are in as a nation.  If we continue down this road it will not end well.  Disciples of the Alphabet Church occupy positions of political power and therefore must be removed and replaced. Many churches have been passive to the imposition of LGBTQism ideology so we must raise our voices in those churches and insist they raise their voices in opposition. And all of us have allowed the culture to be hijacked by the Alphabet Church so it is belatedly past time for us to raise our voices and use our influence and spend our money in the fight to take our culture back.  This must be done with the urgency and seriousness it demands.  Our nation, our morals, our traditions, our civilization, and our individual and religious freedoms depend on it.

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