An Open Letter to Republican Governors

Dear Governor,

What is going on in Washington is not politics as usual.  I would hope you surely see it and acknowledge it.  Our Republic is being devoured.  Our individual rights are being trampled and States sovereignty is being eliminated.  The Democrats are at war with our Constitution and Republican form of government and are rapidly imposing fiats and illegitimate Bills that seek to impose iron-fisted Democratic rule.  If we do not oppose the unprecedented power grab by the Democrats then we have failed and our country will never be the same.  Again, this is not politics as usual and is not hyperbole, and surely you must be alarmed.

The Federal government is radically out of control and it will not reform itself.  Aside from the trampling of the Constitution, the fiscal madness is going crush our economy.  And add the cultural rot promulgated by the Left and the future is dire.

The battle is going to be won in the States.  Governor, please do America and your State a favor and emphatically and openly oppose the tyranny we are facing.  Take the lead and form a coalition of Governors and Attorneys General that will not accept the trampling of our rights and sovereignty and will relentlessly oppose the tyranny.  Be at the front for the American people.

We live in serious times and we need unique and serious leaders, and you can be one.  Or you can pretend there is not a tsunami coming our way.  You can hide or you can do something powerful. Politicians are good at acting engaged and saying the right things, while avoiding difficult issues.

It is my hope you will boldly stand for your State and America and will openly fight against the despotism, not in the shadows and with simple statements, but with courageous action and defiance.  If you do, the people are with you.  But if you don’t, you’ll be known as one of the Republican governors who on their watch allowed the Democrats to destroy our Republic and society.

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