The Formula by Which Washington D.C. Operates

Politician/mastermind/social meddler A and Politician/mastermind/social meddler B get together in a back room or bar and determine that Special interest/victim group C must be advantaged, helped, or privileged.  They thus pass laws or implement regulations to force and coerce Citizens D to pay or concede or accept their social vision and determinations.

You and I are “Citizens D,” the forgotten and exploited citizens of America. We are the dupes and pawns of the Politicians/masterminds/social meddlers and Special interest/victim group C. We are the faceless, soulless masses that are continually ignored, pillaged, plundered and coerced.

And the Politicians/masterminds/social meddlers do it not for philanthropic reasons, they do it for power, votes, money, and prestige. And Special interest/victim group C lobby the politicians/masterminds/social meddlers in order to have their social vision enforced and to attain freebies and preferential treatment with little or no concern for the views, liberties, or property of Citizens D, i.e. you and me.

Keeping this simple formula in mind at all times will give clarity and understanding and wisdom as the insanity and distastefulness of Washington rages before our eyes.

Hopefully it will make us fight back!

(The foregoing concept originated with William Graham Sumner and this characterization represents my interpretation).

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