A Note on the NBA

Kiss off.

If the season begins the NBA is going to paint Black Lives Matter on the sides of the court and players can have social justice sayings on the back of their jerseys.  What are the odds you can put “all lives matter,” or “white lives matter” on a jersey? Or “support the police” and “I stand for capitalism” or “God Bless America?” Zero.  The NBA has completely sold its soul to the racist and violent Marxist anti-American hate group and current hate America movement.

LeBron James and other NBA players, including the woke self-hating white players and coaches, declare the American capitalistic system to be “systemically racist” and “unfair,” and that whites are privileged and racist, it’s in their DNA. Thus “the system” needs to be torn down, eliminated and erased.

If that is so, then LeBron and his buddies and all the coaches should give back all their cash and jewelry and cars and property and just walk away, because all of that is the result of the evil, racist capitalist system and majority white population.  Quit talking so much and show us with your actions.  Since everything connected with racist American society must be eliminated and erased, then surely LeBron and the other big mouth social justice warriors won’t want anything to do with racist and soiled cash?

Of course they’ll keep it all and live lavishly on the capitalistic system and white population because they are hypocrites, and charlatans. They are all frauds, from LeBron to Popovich to Mark Cuban.  It’s all about the revolution and cause as long as it doesn’t harm them.

And just in case you forgot, this is the same league and players who embrace and defend communist China.

I will have nothing to do with the NBA and I hope enough Americans are awake and join me.  I hope this league fails and rots.





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