The Preservation of Freedom and the American Way of Life Demands the Re-election of Donald Trump

Answer the following questions.  Do I want to control and manage my life, property, and family or do I want government central planners to do it? And do I want free individuals engaging in free association and making decisions they deem advantageous and therefore directing the course of society or do I want government bureaucrats and masterminds planning and deciding the course and direction of society?

For me it’s not even a close call. I abhor the notion of a few self-loving government bureaucrats and masterminds controlling my life, my family, my property, my future, and my freedom. I reject government masterminds deciding my associations and lording over the transactions we mutually agree to enact with one another. It’s about freedom or subservience, give me freedom.

And this is not about Democrats or Republicans. I equally despise either party or any politician that tramples individual liberty, free association and enterprise. I reject the assumption that politicians have the right or authority to declare essential and non-essential businesses.  On the other hand, I will support anyone and any policy that protects freedom, liberty, private property rights, and expands the circle of freedom.

It boggles the mind, and at times is infuriating, that individuals who claim they cherish and want freedom will rabidly defend a political party or politician when that political party or person is seeking and implementing policies that will control their lives and property i.e. enslave them.

This is why I wholeheartedly cherish and embrace the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the representative Republic they establish.  These documents were written to express the American mind and to protect our individual liberties and freedoms.

Our constitutionally divided government with checks and balances is genius. It was needed at the framing of our country and it is equally needed now. It is by supporting the Constitution with the separation of powers and the protections against despots that will protect all of our liberties and freedoms and allow us to control our own lives and have free association and free enterprise with each other. I don’t want or need career politicians and bureaucrats full of ambition and self-importance dictating my life.  They are not angels and they do not have super-powers.  We are not their social experiments and pet projects.

All of history shows that the majority of people suffer when masterminds and despots and politicians rule and reign and dictate to society.  On the other hand when freedom rings and free people are able to exercise free association and free enterprise, society is advanced and the most people are benefited and provided with opportunity and things that kings and queens in earlier ages never experienced or even contemplated.

Thus this election is an easy call.  Every common sense person who likes the American way of life and wishes to preserve our Republic and unalienable rights will vote to re-elect President Trump.

We are not electing an angel or a god.  But we should elect someone who respects, honors, upholds, and defends the divine nature and goodness of our Republic and the principles upon which it is founded.  This is moral and virtuous.  Again, this demands the re-election of Donald Trump.

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