All-Powerful Government as God

To Leftists, Government is not an abstract or general term; it has become a reality, an entity of worship. To Leftists it is as real as any idol or being worshipped in any religion throughout the world.  In other words, the Left believes in and idolizes the omnipotence, the wisdom, the holiness, and sanctity of big centralized government.  They worship it and are its disciples.  It is has become the religion of the God-State.

To the Left, the God-State is always right and is the gracious giver of rights, equality, justice, equity, fairness, income, success and happiness.  It is perceived to embody all that is good.

And Leftist political masterminds are viewed as holy and infallible priests of the God-State who proclaim and bestow utopian salvation.

These masterminds are always believed to be right with pure intentions, who advocate for the people and for the collective good.  And when a written law is at variance with the masterminds and the God-State, it is deemed morally right and justified to ignore or break the law because of a perceived higher law and purpose.

Those of us who advocate for small, limited government and proclaim the preeminence of individual liberty are perceived as selfish, myopic and evil.   We are classified as heretics and apostates and as the enemy of the collective good and God-State and thus must be crushed and made to conform.

The Constitution, Declaration of Independence and our founding history, which we revere, are likewise the enemy of Leftists and the God-State and must be at least diminished but ideally eradicated.

Make no mistake, anyone or any organization or movement that is counter to the aims of Leftists and the God-State are deemed an impediment and enemy and will be forced to yield.  Pro-American newspapers, bloggers, and radio talk shows are labeled extremist and radical right and must be silenced.

Leftists and their political priests of the God-State intend to use the law to make others to comply.  When legitimately and properly used the law protects and “secures” our unalienable rights. The law is meant to protect our life, liberty, property and circle of freedom.  But the law has become, and is intended to be used by the God-State as a tool of force.  Remember, the “law is force,” wrote Bastiat, and the “law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual,” explained Jefferson in 1819.

The Left has no interest in freedom of thought, religion, and speech.  According to them, freedom and liberty extends only as far as they say.

And as Ludwig von Mises said, such a mindset is only one step away “to the perfect totalitarianism of Stalin and Hitler.”  A powerful and provocative statement indeed, but it is true.

We must acknowledge reality; the endgame of the Left with the establishment and worship of the God-State is totalitarianism: total control.  Their aim is total power over every aspect of our lives.

No one in their right mind can look at Leftist policy or listen to their stated intentions and not conclude that they seek total control of every aspect of society. Look at the past year and how primarily Leftists have used the pandemic to control our lives, businesses, associations, religious gatherings, and commerce.

Leftists seek to eradicate the traditional family because the God-State is to be father, mother, and provider.

Leftists want to control religion, and in particular Christianity, because the State is God and salvation and utopia is in and through the God-State.

And according to Leftists the root of all evil is Capitalism or free enterprise, and thus it must be irrevocably annihilated with its central feature of freedom and individual choice.

Sadly too many Americans have forgotten or are unaware that freedom is not a merciful gift bestowed upon us by other men or government, but is an inherent right that belongs to us by the laws of God and nature. As Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1774, “the God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time.”

Thus “Resistance to tyranny” is our “social duty.”   Each of us must “continue steadfast” with a proper sense of our “dependence on God” and “nobly defend those rights which heaven gave, and no man ought to take from us.” (John Hancock, 1774) “The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution, are worth defending against all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks.” (Samuel Adams, 1771)

The God-State is a false God. It is founded upon ideals and aims antithetical to our American principles and in the end produces subservience. The question to be answered is whether we will resist and win or will we submit?

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