A Revolution Is Taking Place

The ideology, the foundation, the core, the moorings of the modern Democratic Party is Marxism. Marxism is the lens through which they view the world and the philosophy they seek to implement. Thus what they do and the policies they enact become clear.

The unchecked influx of illegal aliens and refugees into the United States is a deliberate part of their scheme.  As disciples of Marx and Engels their ideology embraces no borders, no national character, and no national sovereignty. They have “no country” and seek “to abolish countries and nationality” for a worldwide liberated community free from the oppression of evil capitalists and capitalism. (See Marx, Engels; The Communist Manifesto)  This “principal of community” among all nationalities and the liberating of all people from the oppression of capitalist countries supersedes American tradition and sovereignty. (See Engels; Draft of a Communist Confession of Faith)

Of course the Left would never use the term revolution, they substitute it with transformation. But it is a revolution all the same and it is ongoing.

Sadly, big business, corporatists, and crony capitalists have formed an unholy alliance with the Radical Left. The ends are not necessarily the same but the means is, and the means is a continuous influx of illegal aliens and refugees. The crony capitalists and corporatists are willing to sell-out the sovereignty of America and the national character for low-wage labor. They don’t care if the influx of illegal aliens are low skilled and uneducated and if the numbers are enormous, all they care about are low-wage earners and therefore a healthier bottom line. They will sacrifice America for money.

Thus we are caught between socialist politicians, bought-and-paid-for politicians and Big business. And in the end, it is we the people, the common people, the little people that get the shaft and subservience.

Unless, of course, we fight ferociously and relentlessly to maintain the character and tradition and philosophy of America as it was founded.

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