The Purpose of Government

In April 2017 Democratic Senator Kirston Gillibrand said in an interview that lawmakers, in other words the government, are “here to help people, and if we’re not helping people, we should go the f–k home.”  That is the view of all Leftists and Statists and big government types. It is a wonderful mantra and alluring and has been the basis of tyranny and dictatorship throughout the history of the world. Every mastermind or King or monarch or Czar has based their iron fisted regimes on helping people and providing for their well-being.

Unsurprisingly this is the view of most of the world and perhaps even most in America, but it is not an American principle. The Declaration of Independence, our founding document clearly expresses the American purpose of government: “Governments are instituted among men” to “secure” our individual unalienable rights. That’s it, to protect our inherent rights. And this is the foundation of our Constitution, or in other words, the Constitution was crafted to uphold this ideal and sentiment.

Government has no resources in order to “help people” as Leftists desire, they must get it from the people. And it is by force or coercion that government acquires its revenue. It therefore tramples the unalienable right of private ownership of property and takes from those who earned it and gives it to those who did not. That is legalized theft and contrary to the American purpose of government.  Likewise subsidies or protections for a selected few individuals or businesses is playing favorites and tramples the natural operation of liberty and free intercourse among free people.

Government is not god or Santa Clause. It is not all-wise and all-knowing. Government is made up of fallible ambitious people just as is society. A legislator or President is not crowned with angelic power and vision. In fact history brutally teaches us the lesson that power corrupts and that suffering and oppression is the common lot of man when government has too much power. This is why our founders despised big government and sought ways to limit it and its reach.

The Founders instead believed in the preeminence of individual liberty and freedom and the right for each person to chart their own course in life. They believed in the right to acquire and manage private property. And they believed in the free association of individuals without the interference of government control.

Of course the Leftists will declare such a view as callous and unfeeling, but that is a lie. The ethic of helping people is not operational ONLY by and through government. It is always a false choice given by Leftists.

We should help others and provide assistance as we can, but it should be by free choice and directed to whom and where we choose. Individuals know best where they should offer assistance and to whom they want to give. We do not need Senator Gillibrand or any other politician directing our benevolence. And our money and resources would surely be used more wisely and prudently. Politicians are experts at spending and wasting other people’s money or resources.


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