10 Common Sense Principles


  1. We cannot have bigger programs in Washington and less Government in Washington.
  2. Every dollar the Government spends is ours. Every dollar Government wastes is ours. The Government does not create or produce wealth it only takes and redistributes.
  3. Government must be frugal, wise, and prudent.
  4. Government officials, from the President and Congress down through all agencies, they work for us.
  5. Governmental deficit spending and printing of money devalues the dollar and erodes its purchasing power. And therefore the value of our savings is reduced and diminished. A “hidden tax” indeed.
  6. Correct government policy is respect of private property rights and the acknowledgement that individuals and families have the right to their money and liberty to use it how they see fit.
  7. Out of fairness to the individual, tax rates should be held low.
  8. Totalitarian regimes and tyrants take advantage of weakness, thus peace and safety comes by keeping America strong.
  9. Government must help those unable to care for themselves.
  10. Those who really care for individuals seek to preserve the freedom of self-government.

(Uh-oh, if you agree with these principles you’re a right wing kook nut-job out on the far right fringe)

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