An Open Letter to Congressional Republicans

You are frauds and pathetic. The Democrats are openly big government and anti-free markets. They do not hide their intentions. They clearly tell us they want to control everything and intervene in our market system and redistribute what we earn. Whereas you pretend to be conservative, and pretend to support and uphold free markets and individual liberty and to reduce the size and scope of government. But when you govern you don’t fight for any of it. You make excuses and side with Democrats. All of this makes you more despicable than Democrats.

Your actions clearly reveal you as frauds and liars and deceivers. Obamacare repeal is exhibit 1. We’ve heard over and over and from year to year that you would repeal and replace Obamacare. We gave you the House and then the Senate and now the Presidency and what did we get for it? Nothing. You lied. What the House has given us and now what the Senate has presented is not repeal at all, it’s essentially Obamacare and you know it. You’re good at lying so you will dress it up and pretend that it is something that it is not but for all clear thinking Americans we can see through your bull.

True Americans still believe that freedom and Liberty are sacred, you obviously do not. Free markets are based and operate on Liberty. We don’t need you and other government masterminds and bureaucracies telling us what our plans must be and what must be included. We as consumers exercising our freedom with private businesses throughout the country can make our own decisions. The market system will create a multitude of choices and will lower costs. But your self-conceit and self-importance has clouded your judgment.

You have lost your way and your principles and have sided with Democrats and progressivism. Shame on you. You have assured unsustainable top-down, big-government health care. You are about to enshrine socialized medicine.

One thought on “An Open Letter to Congressional Republicans

  1. This is what we get when our elected officials think that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are going to be able to lead the Party. They are both miserable excuses for Conservatives and Republicans. The Senate Bill is just as bad as the House Bill, but only 5 men have the guts to stand up and say “This is WRONG”. Our elected Republicans have lied to us and this revised Obamacare is proof of their deceit. After 6 years of whining, they had no replacement plan. Write, call and attend Town Hall meetings to voice your displeasure with the actions of your Representatives.

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