An Open Letter to President Donald Trump

I happily and proudly voted for you. My vote was based primarily on the conservative positions that you took though your unabashed and combative personality had some sway. The Insider Club of Washington is disgusting and you didn’t seem to be part of that.

A big issue in the campaign was the repeal of Obamacare. Over and over you clearly promised that Obamacare would be repealed. Word games are disgusting though that is how Washington operates. In this regard you appeared to be different; you seemed to be a man who meant what he said. We know what repeal means, repeal means repeal.

But you have supported and praised the House healthcare bill which was a complete and utter disgrace, which essentially was Obamacare 2.0; and now you support the Senate Healthcare bill which is also a disgrace and is essentially Obamacare. The Congressional Republicans have concocted bills that do not repeal Obamacare and yet you praise them and are supportive of them. This is all very disturbing and unacceptable. I want to support you and defend you but that is dependent upon you fulfilling your promises and not by becoming the swamp or acting like the establishment. You still have time and a veto.

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