Principle Before Personality (This Includes Trump)

We voted for Trump. We want him to succeed. And we like some of things he has done. But we are not Trump cultists. It is just as unbecoming and dangerous for individuals to have cult-like attachment to Trump as it was of those for Obama. American principles take precedence to any politician. And we support any politician who upholds, advances, and defends America’s first principles. On the other hand we will criticize and correct and battle anyone who tramples on our liberties and unalienable rights and constitutional order.

What we intend to do, and what every American should do, is hold Trump accountable for his campaign promises. This is the right thing to do because this is why we voted for him. Will he end up a charlatan like so many other politicians, we shall see. But it is a disservice to integrity and America to let Trump slide when he breaks promises or slides Left. When we let politicians get away with their lies and deceptions we simply enable them to continue their shenanigans. In so doing our constitutional republic is damaged and our freedoms and liberties are stifled. Remember, Trump works for us, he should bow to us, and he should do what we sent him to do. Talking tough is not good enough, it’s about results and this includes legislative results. Trump should not fall for the joke healthcare bills presented by Congress and we must encourage him to tell Congress to either make it free market based or he won’t sign. He does boast that he is the king of the deal, right?

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