We Shouldn’t Have To Beg For Liberty

Pay careful attention to what Rand Paul is requesting of Mitch McConnell regarding the Senate Healthcare bill. Yes it will be boring and painful but plow your way through because it’s important.

” I would like to provide you with some policy priorities that I feel would improve the health care system and insurance markets.”

“1.     Association Health Plans – While I appreciate the inclusion of Small Business Health Plans in the BCRA, I believe improvements could be made to expand upon this provision to allow for greater freedom for individuals and small businesses to pool together for the purpose of obtaining health insurance coverage.”

“a.     The bill currently allows for self-employed individuals to participate in small business health plans. However, I would suggest that the language be changed to allow any individual, including self-employed individuals, to form associations for the purpose of purchasing group health insurance.”

“b.     Furthermore, I would suggest that small business plans or association health plans be allowed to self-insure like other large employer groups are able to do under ERISA. Self-insurance provides significant flexibilities to create innovative plan designs free from many mandates.”

“c.     Finally, I believe we have an opportunity to completely free the group market from unnecessary ACA regulations, and restore HIPAA and ERISA regulation over the entire group market, including for association health plans.”

Why the hell should Rand Paul have to ask for these things or why should we have to beg for these things. In fact it is offensive and infuriating that a free people need to ask such things. The activity Rand Paul is talking about is basic and simple liberty and freedom and free association among free people.  It is painfully obvious how far we have fallen when we have to beg two guys like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and a bunch of hack senators and representatives for basic freedoms and liberty and free markets, It clearly shows the chains the government has around our necks and what a dangerous slope we are on.

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