The American Mind, Do I Have It?

As we all know Thomas Jefferson was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence. In a letter to Henry Lee in 1825 he forever reminded us that the intention of the Declaration was not to express “new principles” or “say things which had never been said before,” but rather was intended to plainly represent the general thought of the time. The Declaration, wrote Jefferson, was “intended to be an expression of the American mind.”  In other words it was an expression of what Americans thought and believed. It also then is an expression of what Americans should believe at any time.  These principles are the foundation of America and what has made America great and will continue to make America great.

The Declaration of Independence declares the following primary principles:

Every person is by nature and by the creation of God, equally free and independent. No one is created subservient to someone else.

Every person is endowed with certain inherent, innate, unalienable rights. These rights are God-given. They are neither created by or granted by other men and cannot be divested or deprived by others though we are part of a social compact or society.

Our inherent, unalienable rights are namely the right of enjoyment of life and liberty, the right to acquire, possess and manage property of all sorts, and the right to pursue and obtain happiness and safety as we desire.

These principles are truth and self-evident.  They are not supposition or evolving or transient. They are the end of the story.

The purpose and role of government is to secure, protect, and uphold our inherent and unalienable rights, not the limiting or trampling or curtailing of these rights

Government derives its power from the consent of the governed. Politicians work for us. Politicians are not above or beyond us the people.

So we have succinctly expressed in the Declaration of Independence the ideas and principles and philosophy of Americanism or what it meant and means to be an American or what it meant and means to have an American mind.

The question then that each of us must answer is:  do I have an American mind?

If enough of us answer yes then America will survive, if not her demise is assured.

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