An Open Letter to the Red Bernie’s (aka: The Bernie Sanders Supporters)

Bernie Sanders is an old red commie Marxist. That should scare the hell out of any rational freedom-loving American.  But since you are his disciple it is apparent that your education has been subpar, or you are a social leech who doesn’t have the fortitude to manage your own life and you want others to provide for you, or you are a cold totalitarian at heart.

The brutal truth is that the only way the Marxist Bernie Sanders policies can be fully enacted is by absolute government coercion and control. Liberty loving people are not going to surrender to his totalitarian BS. And why is it that all you Red Bernie’s don’t think that an all-powerful, all-controlling, and oppressive government won’t crush you?

Marxist Bernie promises free healthcare, free school, free rubbers, free housing, free food, free lollipops, free everything.  And somehow all you Red Bernie’s have fallen for the lie that soaking the rich can pay for everything.  We already have a $20 trillion dollar fiscal operating debt and $200 trillion of unfunded liabilities and you are living in fantasy land if you think soaking the so-called rich is the answer.  It would require massive taxes on everyone, including you.

But let’s cut the crap. Red Marxist Bernie hates capitalism and free markets and wants to bring them down. He wants to be the mastermind that runs everything. He doesn’t believe in private ownership of property, he wants it abolished. So he goes about playing the word games within the system, but his aim is control of the market. If he had his preference he would like the government to control production and distribution just like a good commie. But he’s okay using taxation and regulation to achieve the same ends.

The easiest thing in the world for a blowhard politician is to promise Utopia and free everything and that life will be great and equal for everybody and that problems will not exist if we just surrender completely to them. Disgusting totalitarians have been doing this for the entire history of the world and willing dupes have accepted the propaganda and tightened the noose of oppression around their own necks.

Red Bernie’s, wake up and come out of the darkness of Leftism and Statism and Marxism and the oppression that is always a part of those ideologies and come into the light of liberty and freedom and free markets and individuality and a civil society. History is magnificently clear on the success and grandeur and advancement of society when liberty and freedom and free markets are allowed to operate. But again that would require you to openly look at history and shun the propaganda your professors , the media, and friends have told you.

Marxist Bernie and Leftists and Marxists and Socialists love to blame all evil on capitalism. It is a cheap ruse.  It is the classic lie and classic deception of Bernie Sanders and his Marxist comrades. The usual pattern is Marxists and Leftists and Socialists go about with their Utopian lies and policies and crater the advancements of capitalism and then go about blaming capitalism.  Marxists like Bernie can’t even own up to the tragic failures and carnage of his ideology. But it doesn’t matter if people like all you Red Bernie’s don’t learn the lessons of history. The historical record is clear, capitalism raises the standard of living for the most people while protecting freedom, whereas Marxism/Socialism lowers the standard of living, tramples liberty and produces oppression and death.  Reconciling  utopian rhetoric with reality can be a bitch., but doing so is the key in determining whether we become a pawn and subject to rulers or remain free.




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