Self-Evident Truth: Most Politicians Are Liars and Tyrants

As I watch and listen to politicians on both sides of the aisle, and observe the shenanigans that goes on in Washington, it all reinforces the self-evident truth that most politicians are despicable liars, power-hungry, self-serving, and untrustworthy.  Most politicians could look straight at the sun and say it’s not shining and do it with a straight face.  And their ambitious efforts to rule and control us makes them tyrants.

Thus as a free and independent American I have no intention of being their pawn, subject, toy, or experiment. I want politicians to have as little power and authority as possible.

Politicians skillfully pretend to care about us but in reality they use us and manipulate us to achieve their ambitious aims.  They do not know what is best for me or you or how we should spend our money, what we should believe and not believe, and how we should conduct our lives.  And frankly, even if they did, it’s not up to them.

Newsflash: Government is nothing more than other people. They are not angels or holy or godlike entities. They are just like you and me.  They are fallible human beings with the same passions and yearnings and foibles as everyone else. In fact, I would contend that a majority of those who seek office are driven more by the negative passions of ambition, the need to control, and a conceit that they know better than the unintelligent masses.

And since government is power and coercion, or in other words, fallible human beings with power and authority to coerce others; it absolutely matters that their power is controlled and limited and diffused.

It defies experience and common sense to bestow immense or unlimited power on other fallible and imperfect human beings because history sadly shows that once those in government get massive power they will begin to exercise dominion and power and control over the populace.  And it is also clear that once those in government get massive power it is virtually impossible to pry it from them.

Our exceptional and wonderful Constitution was established for the very purpose of protecting us from tyranny and excessive power by untrustworthy politicians.  Our Constitution with its limits and diffusion of power is to protect us from the fools in Washington. It was carefully and thoughtfully crafted to uphold the principles detailed in the Declaration of Independence and to protect our individual rights and individual sovereignty.

Sadly, far too many Americans wish to ignore the wisdom of our founders and the Constitution they established and prefer to look to personality and fictitious promises of utopia.  The lessons of history show this to be a sad and foolish decision.

Freedom is a precious gift from God and must be diligently protected and upheld. Government is not established to limit our freedom or define what our liberty means. Government was established to protect our freedom and help expand our individual liberty and freedom.  Surrendering ourselves to lying, power-hungry, and fallible politicians assures our subservience to them.


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