Why the Republican Congress Acts Like Leftists

Why does the Republican controlled Congress act like a bunch of leftists? Because they are.

Conservative Review, the premier conservative website, rates or grades every member of Congress by how they voted over a six-year span. Of course some members of Congress have not been in office that long so they are graded on the votes cast to date. Of note, it is the pattern of most in Washington that the longer they stay the more liberal they become.

The House of Representatives is comprised of 435 members and of those 435 only 31 received an A rating or grade from Conservative Review. Thus only 7.1% of the entire House of Representatives is a staunch conservative. Another 21 members of the House were graded as a B, but even if you combine those in the House who are rated as either A or B that still only means that 12% of the House of Representatives would be considered Conservatives.

The Senate is far worse; in fact it is a catastrophe. The Senate is comprised of 100 members but only 7 received an A grade and no other members received a B. That means only 7% of the Senate is conservative! No wonder the Senate is a joke and continually implements a liberal agenda.

Now if we look at Congress as a whole at best only 11% of its members are conservative. Thus there should be no surprise why the Republican controlled Congress leans Left and sides with the Democrat agenda.

This is the sad reality and we as the voters need to do better. Ultimately we put these people in office and it is our fault. We can clean it up by being smart and active and put into office those individuals who do not lie but will uphold the principles of the Constitution, smaller government and fiscal responsibility.  And put America first.

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