The Putrid Swamp

What is the swamp? It is the Washington elites and establishment comprised of Democrats, Republicans, lobbyists, big money, big business, and every other power broker that lives and thrives at the government trough.  It’s a disgusting and incestuous arrangement funded primarily by our taxes and bolstered by back room promises, policies, and payoffs. And the only interests that matter are the interests of the swamp.

It is a fatal mistake to myopically think that the swamp is solely the creation of the democrats and that the political conflict raging is a conflict between Democrats and Republicans.  The actual battle that is raging is between common sense conservatives who value the rights, values, and freedoms of American citizens and those who inhabit and uphold the swamp with its sordid self-serving values.

It is wrongly presumed that the Republicans are actively fighting the swamp. The Republican Party presents itself as fiscally conservative and the champions of limited Constitutional government. But it’s all a farce and we know it. Their actions and votes clearly tell the story not their rhetoric.

A prime example of the Republican ruse and embrace of the swamp is the Obamacare repeal fiasco. For seven years they promised to repeal and replace. They said give us the Senate, the House, and the Presidency and we’ll get it done. We did and when the time came for action and votes they flipped us off.

Likewise the Mueller coup effort and the lack of push-back and defense of President Trump by the Republicans reveal their agreement with the effort. You can bet many Republicans are encouraging and helping Mueller behind the scenes.

Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and the leadership in both houses are swamp rats. They are the establishment and they will relentlessly do all they can to keep President Trump from disrupting the corrupt cabal they have with the Democrats and elites.  Their power and prestige is glamorous and addicting and they have no intention of allowing it to be interrupted.

It must be noted that a handful of true conservatives are in Congress and are not part of the swamp.  But their numbers are few and the task of implementing Constitutional Conservatism is daunting. We must uphold and bolster these patriotic representatives of the people.

The Establishment swamp does not care about you and me, all they care about is power and control and money. They do not operate on principle or legislate on the principles of our founding.  They live the high-life as rulers and masterminds and this is their motive.

But we must be honest and accept blame, or at least some blame. It is us that put these people in office. Of course we relied on rhetoric and were intentionally deceived. But we simply need to do better and vote based on action and votes and not on promises.

In order to win we must first identify the enemy and then attack and defeat it. The swamp rat Republicans must be battled at the ballot box and defeated and true Constitutional Conservatives must be elected in their stead. And we must support the Article V Convention of States movement. Our citizenship requires our activism. We will lose if we remain silent and stand still.

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