God Blessed America

I firmly believe, as did the founders and framers, that God established the United States of America and our representative republic. God inspired the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and has a vested interest in America’s future.  He saw the inevitable demise of this nation if Hillary Clinton became President and so He intervened and used Donald Trump to stop the deformation of our nation. God blessed America with the election of Donald Trump.

This does not mean Trump is the holy, pure and predestined savior of our nation. Trump is not even a Madison or Jefferson or Washington. Donald Trump is Donald Trump and very much a flawed human being. But Donald Trump is not Hillary Clinton and that is the blessing to our country and to us.

In the general election we had two choices; it was either Hillary or Trump. And we all know that consensus opinion told us that Hillary Clinton was going to be crowned president of the United States. We were told it was her right and destiny. Instead God intervened and gave us Donald Trump.  As the scriptures say, God works in mysterious ways. He gave us a reprieve from the corruption and destructive direction that Hillary and the Democratic Party were taking the nation.

Can you imagine if Hillary Clinton was President? It’s actually too horrible to consider. Hillary is as corrupt as they get and was and is bought and paid for by foreign countries and agencies and leaders. The government and all the major agencies, the FBI, the CIA, the DOJ, the State Department, the IRS, have all been corrupted and compromised by the reign of the Obama administration and Democratic Party. If Hillary Clinton would have been elected President, the roots of corruption and socialism would have burrowed deeper and deeper and would have become impossible to eradicate.

With Trump we have received a respite from the downward slide of corruption and socialism forced upon us by the Democratic Party. God has given us an opportunity to get things right. What is infuriating is that the Republican Party will not support policies and direction that would help straighten out our nation and put it back on its foundational Moorings. It’s also frustrating that Trump has not thoroughly cleansed these many agencies of the corrupt players that still inhabit them.

We have a chance and we have this moment to take our country back. Or at least get it on a trajectory that leads to our foundational principles and constitutional government. God has given us the opportunity and may we seize it.  This is a blessing.


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