Leftist Propaganda on Display

Maybe you have seen this sign in your neighbor’s yard or window. It’s classic Leftist word-smithing. Leftists have always had the ability to craft clever bumper sticker slogans that seem valid at first glance but are in reality code for Leftist social justice BS.

In response:

Black Lives Matter: ALL lives matter. White lives matter, brown lives matter, and yes black lives matter.  All are alike unto God. But Black Lives Matter as an organization and movement is a racist, Leftist, violent, social justice, socialist movement. It is disgusting and based on hate.  It is un-American and anti-American.  And it’s repulsive that Americans would bolster such a vile movement.

Women’s rights are human rights:  All people are endowed equally with unalienable rights. There are NOT separate men’s rights, or gay rights, or black rights, or fat rights or skinny rights. We all have equal rights. If certain people or groups have extra rights then that is a violation of equal rights for all. And the effort by groups for extra or special rights is destructive of society. “Whether as a crusade or a racket, a confused conception of equality is a formula for never-ending strife that can tear a whole society apart — and has already done so in many countries.” Thomas Sowell

No human is illegal: Every human being is a special creation of God and is endowed with unalienable rights: the right to life, the right to liberty and the right to pursue happiness in the way they desire.  But if a non-citizen of the United States enters the country illegally then they are in-fact illegal aliens and are subject to the ramifications of the law. America is a sovereign nation with borders and all “humans” cannot enter at their leisure and desire.  All non-citizens are subject to our laws and preferences. This is rational policy for every well functioning sovereign country.

Science is real: No, facts are real. Reality is real. Science is the pursuit of facts and knowledge and reality and evidence.  And it is because of the evidence produced by science that the catastrophic man-made global warming ruse is exposed as a political fraud. And it is because of the evidence produced by science that abortion is exposed for what it is: the slaughter of innocent babies.

Love is love: Duh. But this is the cute slogan used in defense of same-sex relationships and marriage and homosexual behavior. It is meant to silence any dissent or criticism. Sorry, but the immorality of the behavior cannot be overlooked or the data and facts (science) that shows the irrefutable positives of the traditional family on children and society.  And it is beyond dispute that same-sex activists are out to destroy the traditional family and all things associated with it.  In fact they proclaim it.

Kindness is everything: Kindness is a wonderful attribute but no it is not “everything.” It is a desired characteristic for sure, but it is only one of many we should seek. For instance, love, mercy, forgiveness, judgment, benevolence, justice, wisdom, honesty, and patience, just to name a few others.


A new and better sign:

All lives matter

All people are endowed with inherent, unalienable rights

All humans are divine but are subject to law

Reality is real

Traditional marriage is marriage

Acquire every divine attribute


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