I Admire Trump

In today’s culture and environment it is uncool and can even be dangerous to confess support or admiration of Trump. Well screw that, I admire the man.

My admiration is not so much about his political leanings but about his toughness.  No President has had to endure the level of vile and hated attacks that Trump has and is confronting.  Hour after hour, day after day, month after month, year after year, Washington and the media and entertainment relentlessly attack him.  And he essentially is alone to combat it all.  Even his own Party sits on the sidelines or worse join the fray against him.

Yet Trump can look at all of them in the face, flip them off, tell them all to go to hell, and then continue to fight and battle with energy and openness.  He doesn’t flinch much and he doesn’t back down.

Obama would have lasted 2 days under the pressure Trump faces.  He was essentially worshipped.  Women felt weak-kneed and men had a tingle in their spine when they were around him.  The media and Hollywood were his puppets, they licked his boots.  Even some Republicans were excessively enamored.  But if a rogue columnist or commentator criticized him or reproved him, he became infuriated.  He couldn’t handle it.  And let’s be honest, a guy who has a portrait made of himself sitting on chair in the bushes and thinks it is Presidential or manly, is a wimp.

And when things were tough for George W. Bush, and when he was attacked and demeaned, he would hide himself in corner or a room somewhere and wouldn’t fight or defend himself.

And there is not another politician in Washington that could survive or endure the persecution and attacks or scrutiny that Trump has had thrown his way.  They all act tough and mean as they act like a bunch of crazed dogs, or a mob, yet none are as resilient or tough.

And no person reading this, and who now thinks I have lost my mind, could withstand what Trump has withstood.  Be honest, we would have all surrendered and run away.

In our sissified culture with a need for safe spaces and therapists if a differing view is heard, Trump reminds us what it means to be tough and resilient and resolved. Trump personifies rugged individualism and that is an American virtue and worthy of admiration.

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