We Reject Coercion

America is the land of liberty. People are free to be and think and express as they wish.  Those who participate and support LGBT activities and lifestyle are free to do so.  But others are free to think, and express and be what they desire.  But what we will not support and will fight is coercion.

Conversation and discussion and debate is good and laudable, but the force of law and Judicial activism to force other Americans to yield to activities and a lifestyle they disagree with is a line to far.  This is what the LGBT activists and supporters don’t understand or wish not to see (however to many LGBT activists and supporters coercion is exactly what they seek). Most people don’t care if you are homosexual or transgender or whatever, but they do care when their views and morals and religions and expressions of conscience are trampled.

Back off and practice the tolerance you always preach.  In fact it is obvious the use of the words “tolerance” and “love” are intended to mean “shut up and yield.”  It doesn’t work that way.  Varying views do and will always exist in a free America.  And people are free to express their contrary opinions about the LGBT movement. We are free and will continue to support traditional values and that marriage is between a man and woman and the raising of children in that environment is what is best for the children and thus society and numerous studies show it.  And religious people and organizations have the right and are free to teach against the “sin” of homosexuality and they have the right to determine the doctrines and code of conduct for membership in that Church.  And for the LGBT community to seek for religious organizations to be forced to accept their actions and lifestyles is un-American and unacceptable.  In so doing the LGBT movement becomes what they rail against.  And it is hypocrisy. Practice what you preach.

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