Greetings From Your Saviors

Hello America, We are here for you and everything we say and do is not for us but for you. Please believe us.

The science is settled and the end of the world is coming in 10 to 11 years due to global warming. Yes this has been said many times before, but this time it’s real.  We are here to save you and the planet and take care of you and meet your every need and make every person equal in all things and make fairness reign supreme throughout the land.  Trust us; we are the chosen ones with superior intellect and wisdom.

All you need to do and all we ask of you to save the planet and thus yourselves is to surrender to us and the government all your liberty and freedom and reject the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and of course the Bill of Rights, because it is old and out of date stuff created by evil and disgusting white slaveholders.

We will nationalize the banks, healthcare, education, and energy.  In fact we will nationalize everything and put all the means of production in our hands and the masterminds of government so you won’t need to worry about it. And by so doing you will be saved and you will live happily ever after in our arms and the arms of the all-knowing and all-powerful politicians who will be your masters and provide your every need.

You will not need to work or think or worship, we will take care of all of that for you.  You will have abortion on demand; after all, too many people now live on earth. And only the government will have guns and ammo, but don’t worry, we are not like those other totalitarian regimes, that stuff is all in the past.  And we will eliminate gender and the traditional family and other outdated traditions.

We will also eliminate the use of evil fossil fuels. We do not need gas trucks, cars, airplanes or other gas consuming things. And of course we will mandate what food can be consumed. Again this is for your own good and the good of the planet.  For instance, methane is a national crisis, thus cows must be eliminated.

Of course Iran and China and Russia will respect us and our de-industrialization and will not harm us or attack us.  By not having a military they will see our good deeds and leave us alone.

Again, we will do all of this on your behalf.  We are your servants and are only concerned with your future.  Utopia and a saved and perfect planet are before us if you will only submit.

With love and compassion,

Bernie, Joe, Kamala, Mayor Pete, Cory, Elizabeth, Beto, Andrew, Julian, Amy

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