The Democratic Presidential Hopefuls are not Americans

I’ll say it, The Democratic Presidential hopefuls are not Americans. Oh yes, they are by citizenship but not in principle. America is more than geography and to be an American is more than just citizenship.

An American is someone who believes in the principles and ideals that established this nation. An American upholds the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States. An American treasures liberty and freedom and unalienable rights and private property rights. An American believes in limited government and diffusion of power as outlined in the Constitution of the United States.  An American believes in Republicanism and the dignity of individualism.

The entire group of Democrats seeking the Presidency does not believe in American principles. Just listen to them and look at their record. They want to destroy this Republic as detailed in the Constitution of the United States. They proclaim openly that the Constitution is outdated and flawed and should be set aside. They seek centralized power in Washington to control and dictate every aspect of our lives. What do you think the New Green Deal is all about? They want us to work for them and desire to distribute our resources according to their wishes. They see our private property and money as property of the State. They do not believe in unalienable rights of the individual or in States rights, for them the government is the creator and distributor of rights.  They wish to play god and rule over a god-state.  Their aim and goal, and inevitable end of their vision, is totalitarianism.  Call them Marxist, socialist, fascist, statist, call them whatever; but what they are not is American.

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