The Perpetual Virus Threatening America

Free enterprise and free markets did not cause this economic shutdown and massive unemployment, it is the doing of federal and State governments in reaction to the Chinese Corona virus.  Harsh measures have indeed been necessary to lessen infection and death.  But the complete shutdown of our economy and lack of freedom is unsustainable.  The American capitalist system must soon be unleashed and allowed to roar back into operation or we will face serious economic ramifications.

By experience and from their own words we know the intentions of the Democrats at this time of crisis.  Congressman James Clyburn told his Democratic colleagues, “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”  And California Governor Gavin Newsome said this “crisis” provides an “opportunity” for “reimagining a more progressive era.”

And the Democratic progressive vision is hard core socialism.  The Democratic leaders and almost all Democratic members of Congress are socialist.  They are either of the communist type which is government ownership of property and all the means of production, i.e. ownership of banks, industries, manufacturing, everything.  The Bernie wing of the Democratic Party.  Or they are of the fascist type which leaves ownership in the hands of private individuals but control of the property or business or industry is transferred to the government, i.e. the government tells the private owner and business how to operate and what they can do and cannot do.  So in the end it is the same, it’s the eradication of free market capitalism and private ownership and property, and the imposition of government central planning of the entire economy.  And of course with themselves on top.

Thus Democrats see the current economic shutdown as an opening.  They know if the economy fails that inevitably chaos and panic will ensue and thus an opportunity for the government to become the savior.  For Democrats if the economy fails the government can swoop in and blame capitalism and promise programs and plans to save us, secure our future, and cure all our ills. Industries and businesses can be seized and mandated under the pretext that it is for the good of the country.  Our private property rights and freedoms and liberties can then be sacrificed and trampled for the collective good as defined by the now all-powerful central government. They see it as a chance for the government to become bigger and all-controlling as never before.

The Democratic Party is a perpetual virus seeking to kill our constitutional republic. So be wise America and understand the Democrats politicize everything with the intent of fulfilling their socialist utopian dreams. It’s a rabid obsession and this current crisis is the latest event of opportunity.

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