Democrats have now labeled me a domestic terrorist, insurrectionist, threat to our democracy, like Isis and Al Qaeda, a white supremacist, white nationalist, racist, Nazi, and fascist.  And they seek and urge that me and my family be censored, repressed, deplatformed, deprogrammed, and reeducated.  And they’re not kidding. Even the phrases Make America Great (MAGA) … Continue reading NO

The Preservation of Freedom and the American Way of Life Demands the Re-election of Donald Trump

Answer the following questions.  Do I want to control and manage my life, property, and family or do I want government central planners to do it? And do I want free individuals engaging in free association and making decisions they deem advantageous and therefore directing the course of society or do I want government bureaucrats … Continue reading The Preservation of Freedom and the American Way of Life Demands the Re-election of Donald Trump

Taking a Knee

The Flag and the National Anthem represent the principles of America: freedom, liberty, equality under the law, unalienable rights, economic mobility, limited government. This is why we stand for the National Anthem with our hands over our heart. We stand in unity for these holy principles. We stand because they are our ideals and constant … Continue reading Taking a Knee

30 Obama Leadership Principles

The holy Obama has been spewing his pabulum lately, no doubt in reaction to #OBAMAGATE.  In his honor here are 30 ESSENTIAL OBAMA LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES: I am smarter than everyone else. Draw red lines with disappearing ink. Lie, often and consistently. Always act surprised with scandals, lawlessness, corruption, assassinations, and invasions. Declare with conviction you’ll … Continue reading 30 Obama Leadership Principles

It’s Time To Be Americans

The Declaration of Independence declares the principles upon which our identity as Americans is based. Thomas Jefferson succinctly expressed that the purpose and role of government is to “secure” our unalienable rights. A few months earlier in 1776 Thomas Paine wrote in his revolutionary classic Common Sense: “the design and end of Government, viz, freedom … Continue reading It’s Time To Be Americans

The Perpetual Virus Threatening America

Free enterprise and free markets did not cause this economic shutdown and massive unemployment, it is the doing of federal and State governments in reaction to the Chinese Corona virus.  Harsh measures have indeed been necessary to lessen infection and death.  But the complete shutdown of our economy and lack of freedom is unsustainable.  The … Continue reading The Perpetual Virus Threatening America